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Buying Domains - FAQ


How is this service different/better than others?

We began our careers in web site design and for obvious reasons our clients wanted their sites to be listed at the top of the Search Engines. After conducting thorough and comprehensive research, what became rapidly apparent to us was that key-words within domain names are vital to gaining a good position (Top 10) on the Search Engines.

More recently, link popularity (how many other sites link to you) has become increasingly important (e.g. Google). The problem is, that web sites that link to you must be relevant to your business and also have good Search Engine visibility. What better way to control what sites link to you than to own the domain names in question!

Most 'cheap' domain hosting services provide re-direction techniques (sometimes known as web diversion). To the visitor, this is a legitimate way of displaying information. But to the Search Engines, this will dramatically reduce your ranking and may even get you black-listed.

The answer is the best practise hosting of your domain names - hence Company Domains.



What do different domain extensions mean?

co.uk .org.uk .me.uk
The National UK registry of domain names ends with .uk. The different sub-levels represent "commercial uk company", "non-commercial organisation", and "personal name" respectively. However these are not enforced, so for example a school could legitimately own a .co.uk and a .org.uk domain name.

.com .org .net
These were the original domain names introduced on the Internet in the mid 1980's. As you may suspect, they originate from the US and are therefore normally associated with US companies. However, similar to UK domains, there is no restriction on who or where the owner of the domain can be. The different domains represent "commercial company", "non-commercial organisation", and "network" (usually an ISP) respectively.

.biz .info
These newer domains were created in November 2001 by the US authorities (ICANN) to release the pressure on .com domains (only one person/organisation can ever own a domain at any one time). The new domains represent "business" and "informational" web sites respectively, similar in principal to the traditional .com and .org domains.


Why is domain hosting important?

Remember, search engines are automated. When they arrive at a domain they expect to see content for that domain. This can only be done using a correctly configured DNS (Domain Name Server), otherwise search engines will simply ignore any content related to that domain.

Why? Search engines are where almost everybody starts to find information on the Internet. The big players in the search engine market are all vying for position. The one that holds the largest and most accurate database on where to find information has tremendous commercial potential. Anything that may mislead a search engine e.g. redirection or diversion tactics, is severely frowned upon. Once a search engine has black-listed your site, it is almost impossible to get listed again.


Why purchase more than my company domain?

If your company name is ACME & Sons Limited, purchasing the domain acme.com or acme.co.uk is a great way to protect your company domain on the Internet. Anyone who knows your name or product e.g. the ACME Widget will find you on the Internet and remember your name.

However, one beauty of the Internet is its vastness. Anyone anywhere in the world can be looking for a product just like the one you make/sell, but don't know its name or, more importantly, that you sell it. These people will be using key words on the search engines to find information. If you own domain names containing those key words, chances are you will be at the top of the list in the search engine rankings. It's that simple!

How do I select domains to purchase?

Note down what key phrases you think potential purchasers of your product would use to describe it. Keep this to around 3 or 4 key phrases. From this, select your key words. Remember just like a book index, search engines ignore common words e.g. the, and, in, my etc. To simulate spaces use hyphens. From your key words, generate your domain names.

Typically you would wish to purchase the complete set of domain names for each phrase e.g.

  • indian-furniture-importers.co.uk
  • indian-furniture-importers.com
  • indian-furniture-importers.net

Therefore your 3 or 4 phrases would produce 9-12 domain names.

Check these domains are available using the Search Tool at the top of this page.

If available, click on the Purchase button to ensure you get the domain before someone else does! We are a Secure Trading Partner and all transactions are carried out via a secure (encrypted) link.



What if my selected domain names are unavailable?

Try a different approach. You may wish to re-think your phrases. However you could simply re-arrange the order of your key words e.g. importers-indian-furniture.co.uk will be almost as effective.



Can I simply hold (park) my domains with you?

Yes - and it's FREE


What if I wish to transfer my domains somewhere else?

No problem. Your domains will be released for FREE at any time.